Elementary School Enrichments

Creativity is Fundamental

Developing creative skills is imperative in a world of routine and convention. We believe in teaching children to
look at the world afresh and with wonder to imagine alternatives to the ordinary and strive for outstanding outcomes.


The goal in the Art curriculum is to create enthusiasm and appreciation for fine arts and for the student artists’ growth through a natural progression of experiences. The children learn to apply numerous methods (drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, printmaking) to create art. They are encouraged to evaluate their feelings and experiences resulting in continuous improvements in technique and further exploration of alternative methods.


Our library curriculum emphasizes fostering a love of reading and developing information literacy and research skills to prepare students for later schooling. Lessons are planned around the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) National School Library Standards.


Our programs represent the beginning steps toward opening the doors of self-expression. From creating simple compositions to performing in a staged musical, our interactive Music program develops both the kinesthetic and musical intelligences and gives children numerous opportunities to perform for others.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program focuses on helping children prepare for a lifetime of physical activity and health. All Kindergarten through fifth-grade students participate in PE twice a week for 30 minutes, engaging in a wide variety of exercises and sports. Lessons are structured to develop both individual and team-building skills. The Sunset Mesa PE program also enjoys a long tradition of partnering with the community, participating in the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge event in the fall, as well as the Albuquerque Bio Park’s Run for the Zoo in the spring.


Science specialists teach science classes for third, fourth, and fifth grade. Units cover branches of science—physical science, earth/space science, and life science. Field trips provide opportunity to see learning applied outside of school. Optional science fair participation coordinated by a volunteer parent committee.


Living in the Southwest, we believe that learning Spanish is very important, and each student is exposed to Spanish beginning in first grade, when learning a second language is easier.


Computer technology is integrated throughout the Sunset Mesa elementary grade curriculum. The campus is networked with computers in each classroom and in student labs. Our main lab is utilized for instruction by a specialist in software literacy and keyboarding skills. The others are used by students as they utilize computer skills in their research and classroom projects. The Sunset Mesa faculty is trained in using technology to support content area curriculum appropriately.