Kindergarten-5th Grade

Sunset Mesa believes each child is unique.

NC Fall GetTogether '13 (16)We are committed to teaching the core subjects and skills needed by every young learner, but we recognize intelligence and potential are not measured by those skills alone. We provide opportunities for children to learn in many ways, Your student will receive instruction that is rigorous yet achievable. Exceptional teachers evaluate how each child learns and adjust instructional strategies accordingly. We facilitate critical thinking skills and encourage each student to become responsible for their own learning. Children leave our school confident and prepared for their next skill.

Each child’s progress is formally reported to parents three times per year. Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled at the end of the first and third reporting periods and an interim mid-report is sent to call attention to any particular concerns and review progress.

Kindergarten: Setting the Foundation

kindergartenOur kindergarten provides students with a strong foundation in phonics and early literacy. Students learn basic math fundamentals and use hands-on activities to develop strong numeration skills at an early age. Communication is an important aspect of our partnership with kindergarten parents.


Elementary Grades 1 – 5: Differentiating Instruction

PreFirst - 3rd musical Mighty Minds (6)
Each Sunset Mesa elementary student spends the first through fifth grade years building a strong foundation in reading, language arts, math, science and social studies. Effective critical thinking and problem solving skills are developed as students are challenged to apply the knowledge they are gaining to real-life situations. We understand every student is a unique individual, thusly differentiated instruction methods are used by teachers to support each student’s distinctive course of growth in academic excellence. In our small classes, instructors identify the learning needs of each student and provide reinforcement and enrichment as appropriate to meet those needs.