Preschool Curriculum

Preschool Early Childhood Curriculum

In the Early Childhood Program, our teachers design activities which foster healthy social skills and encourage academic success through developmentally appropriate challenges. The importance of children learning through play is carefully designed into the program. Under the guidance of nurturing, positive teachers, children are given numerous opportunities to construct their learning through a combination of teacher-directed and open-ended activities. One of the goals is to help the children develop the discipline to learn, mature and enjoy.

Preschool Montessori Curriculum

In the Montessori Program, children develop independence, determination and concentration as they interact with materials designed to stimulate the “inner urge” of the child to learn. Socially, they develop the respect and discipline to share materials and to help each other as they learn side by side. Each teacher is a certified Montessori instructor and brings to the program the traditional Montessori philosophies enhanced with current educational practices that advance the goals of the Sunset Mesa Preschool and Pre-K program.

Preschool Enrichments

Garden of Tomorrow

In September 2007, Sunset Mesa Preschool and Pre-K “broke ground” on an outdoor classroom, known as “The Garden of Tomorrow.” The Garden is enhancing and expanding the academic and life experiences of 144 Early Childhood and Montessori Preschool and Pre-Kers, ages two through five. The children perform real, hands-on, year-round planting, maintenance, and harvesting with enthusiasm and joy. Our goal is to instill in the children a lifelong love and respect for nature, as well as the knowledge and skills needed to care for her. This is to be a natural product of working and learning in a well-planned, well-cared-for, and thriving garden.

We also want the children to reap the fruits of their labor.The Garden brings our Preschool and Pre-K children together with teachers and parents to enjoy the beauty, healthfulness, satisfaction, and rewards of gardening and caring for nature. Parent volunteers participate in the children’s school experiences in a most enriching way. In turn, the children learn from and work with individuals who are positive role models and develop interpersonal skills with these adult volunteers. All of this is fostering a stronger sense of local community at our school and a stronger and healthier community within the school itself.

Get Fit

Preschool and Pre-Kers participate in Get Fit activities each week. The Get Fit program has a range of equipment, playful games, and lessons to help children develop stronger bodies and good motor skills.


Preschool and Pre-Kers have Music classes each  week Music is one way children can express themselves. The music teacher provides fun and creative songs and activities for the children to learn and practice a variety of music and rhythm skills.