Early Childhood Program

In the Early Childhood Program, our teachers design activities which foster healthy social skills and encourage academic success through developmentally appropriate challenges. The importance of children learning through play is carefully designed into the program. Under the guidance of nurturing, positive teachers, children are given numerous opportunities to construct their learning through a combination of teacher-directed and open-ended activities. One of the goals is to help the children develop the discipline to learn, mature and enjoy.

Montessori Program

In the Montessori Program, children develop independence, determination and concentration as they interact with materials designed to stimulate the “inner urge” of the child to learn. Socially, they develop the respect and discipline to share materials and to help each other as they learn side by side. Each teacher is a certified Montessori instructor and brings to the program the traditional Montessori philosophies enhanced with current educational practices that advance the goals of the Sunset Mesa Preschool and Pre-K program.

Montessori & Early Childhood

We make school an engaging and fun place to learn.  A student teacher ratio of 8:1. and no more than 16 in a class, allows each child to receive personal attention.

Instilling a Love of Learning

Preschool is a time of discovery and wonder – and we’ve structured learning and skill development around this goal for a lifelong love of learning.

…Character is Cultivated

Our school reinforces and models the values taught at home – kindness, respect, caring, and cooperation.

…Play is Intentional

Through play, children experiment and understand their world.  Our play is purposeful, incorporating skill development within each activity.

…Early Literacy is Fostered

Even before kindergarten, we focus in children a love of reading and writing with group and individual activities tailored to each child.

Preschool and Pre-K

South Campus Arrival Classes Begin Half Day Dismissal Full Day Dismissal
Morning Preschool EC4 & Montessori 8:10-8:20 AM 8:25 AM 12:15 PM 2:50 PM
Morning Preschool EC3 & Little Bits 8:20-8:30 AM 8:35 AM 12:15 PM 2:50 PM

Daycare Hours

South Campus:
Drop-off Before Classes  7:00 AM
After Classes   3:00 – 6:00PM

Office Hours

South Campus:
Open: 8:00AM – 4:00PM


Preschool Campus

Phone: 505.298.7626
Fax: 505.298.6132

Kateland North, Director of Admission

Alan Mask, President
Deborah Mask, Executive Director
Nicole Maxwell, Preschool Director

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