Why Sunset Mesa?

Active Family Involvement.

South Campus Character Parade (310)Growing up in a supportive and nurturing community or neighborhood is a fundamental part of creating an environment for achievement. Sunset Mesa works hard to create and build a real fellowship of dedication to the well being of each child in our care. As the old adage goes, “it takes a village to raise a child,” Sunset Mesa is dedicated to creating a home away from home for our children, parents and teachers. Our community of parents invites every family to get involved in the Sunset Mesa Parent Association. This group is dedicated to supporting the school and helping to foster a a community network for the school’s families.


High Achieving School.

Preschool 1 (85)Sunset Mesa students regularly test in the top 1% of the nation. High test scores are not merely a sign of academic accomplishment but a reflection of instruction designed to prepare children for the academic rigor that lies ahead.

We actively choose and develop a high quality curriculum to provide foundational skills as well as opportunities for teachers to challenge students. In addition, weekly instruction by six full-time enrichment specialists, in the elementary grade, enhances students’ education and provides a variety of avenues for children to reach their full potential.

Smaller Classes

Preschool 1 (53)No two children are alike. As varied and individual as our world around us, so are children and the way they learn. Our approach is to make our school a personal place to learn. A personal place to grow and receive a foundation for learning throughout life. Smaller class size is a necessity when it comes to being able to give the individual attention needed to instruct each child effectively.

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Safe and Accountable Environment

Preschool 1 (62)Sunset Mesa believes that elementary school will always be about teaching the basic, foundational skills that a child needs for education and for life. Our instruction is focused toward the needs of each child in an atmosphere that is emotionally and physically safe, academically driven and values based. We are dedicated to building character and confidence in each child.

Preparation for the Future

Preschool 1 (6)Sunset Mesa has been fostering young children in academic excellence, strong character and foundational learning for more than 60 years. While techniques and tools have changed, we believe children must still be taught how to go to school and how to be respecters of others. We are committed to each child’s development by providing strong role models and by partnering with parents. The results are high caliber students who are prepared for the next steps in their future.

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